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How to Enroll?

Enrolling your child in our Day Care is super easy and fun! Here are the three simple steps:

Step 1: Book a Free Tour

First things first, let's set up a free tour of our awesome facility. You'll get to meet our amazing staff and see firsthand how we provide a safe and nurturing environment for your little one.


Step 2: Register 

Once you've fallen in love with our program, it's time to secure your spot. Just register, pay the fees, and if we don't have immediate availability, don't worry! We'll add you to our waitlist. 


Step 3: Enjoy!

Now it's time to relax and wait for your child's start day. For the mean time, feel free to check out our New Parent Portal to get you started on your journey. Thanks for trusting Redwood!


About Subsidies

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What is a Subsidy?

A daycare subsidy is a financial assistance provided by the government or other organizations to help families afford the cost of childcare.  


This subsidy can cover a portion or all of the daycare expenses and is often based on the family's income, the number of children in care, and other eligibility criteria. By providing subsidies, daycare centers can make high-quality care more accessible and affordable for families who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

BC Daycare Subsidy and
Early Childhood Education Grants

Are you looking for financial help to help cover daycare or early childhood education costs? You may qualify for a BC daycare subsidy or grant to help with your child’s care and education tuition. Keep reading to learn about the Child Care Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) and the Affordable Child Care Benefit.

Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI)

The Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) is a provincially funded child care subsidy program that provides funds to eligible, licenced child care providers (like CEFA) to reduce and stabilize child care costs for families. Parents of children up to Kindergarten age who use licensed childcare providers can save up to $900 per month per child in monthly tuition fees.

Parents do NOT need to apply to access this BC daycare subsidy. If your child is enrolled in a participating school (including CEFA), they will automatically get the discount starting in December 2022.

BC Daycare Subsidy
Savings and Benefits

Your eligible subsidy amount is not based on family household income, unlike other programs. It is based on the age of your child and whether they’re in full- or part-time care. Here is an example of how much you can save on full-time BC childcare:



This will help more families afford the childcare they need and help their children get an educational head-start in life. Previously, this program offered up to $350 in subsidies to BC families. As of December 2022, the subsidy is increasing by 201% to a maximum of $900 per child, per month. In addition, you can combine this with other child care subsidies you also qualify for, including the Affordable Childcare Benefit.

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The Affordable Child
Care Benefit (ACCB)

Under this BC daycare subsidy, families with a household income under $111K can receive up to $1,250 per child per month for child care. The amount you receive is based on your child(ren)’s age, family size, and type of care. Families apply for this benefit directly with the provincial government and need to renew their application every year.

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