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Our unique approach to education is what sets us apart from other early childhood centers, and this approach consistently enables students to complete the first steps on the journey towards lifelong learning and growth.

Redwood’s educational methodologies reflect our core values: structure, consistency, responsibility, and purpose. In order to inspire the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each student, we deliver a proprietary curriculum built upon world-leading academic research, psychological insights, and early childhood educational theory.

Learning is driven by a rewards-based methodology, with an emphasis placed on positive reinforcement, developing respect for others, and active engagement in problem-solving.

Our techniques also make use of thoughtful and responsible deployment of technology in conveying new information to students in engaging ways.

Prescribed learning outcomes play a key role in tracking and measuring student progress. This ensures that students get much-needed feedback and support while encouraging their continued growth and learning.


Your child will be guided by our team of professional, experienced, and skilled early childhood educators. These educators are supported by a carefully selected set of resources, learning material, and teaching plans. This support and structure ensure consistent program delivery by each of our educators.

Learning environment

Every child deserves a safe, respectful, and inspiring learning environment in which they can learn, explore, and discover. Our centers are characterized by their attention to detail and are thoughtfully designed to include dedicated areas for learning, creating, playing, dining, and relaxing. Given the important role that structure and consistency play in our teaching methods, our spaces are purposefully organized to minimize distractions and allow the student to be the center of attention.

Child safety also drives the design of our centers. We apply rigorous safety standards that always meet - and often exceed - those set out by schools and governing agencies. Thanks to our secure live streaming technology, our parents can readily access our environment and feel confident that the utmost care is being paid to their child.