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Enrollment Information

Academics is unique in its program offerings. Many daycares and childcares do not offer a teacher-led curriculum, while the typical preschool class is two to three hours in length, and two to three days a week. Academics Early Learning seeks to provide hours suitable for any family accompanied by our proprietary Aggregate curriculum with age-tailored prescribed learning outcomes to maximize early learning.

Academics Early Learning currently offers full day programs for two, three, and five days a week. Drop-off and pick-up times are not set; however, we recommend that your child attends Academics for around eight hours each day to maximize their learning. Please contact your preferred Academics Early Learning location for a tour and information on program availability.

Your child will be placed in one of the following groups:

  • Baby program (for children 1 year old, turning 2)
  • PreKindergarten 1 program (for children 2 years old, turning 3)
  • PreKindergarten 2 program (for children 3 years old, turning 4)
  • PreKindergarten 3 program (for children 4 years old, turning 5)


Academics Early Learning provides a structured schedule with prescribed learning outcomes for each age group and classroom.

We also have the option of drop-in days for our registered students.

Our program runs for twelve months a year. During that time, we have certain closure days. Please note the closure dates under school events.

Academics hosts events small and large. From time to time, we host on-site field trip activities and neighbourhood walks. Parents are actively involved in our Father’s Day Barbeque, Mother’s Day Tea, and Pumpkin Patch Family Field Trip.

We also host a large Winter Show production. Our students prepare for weeks to display their hard work to their parents through a combination of speech, song, and music.

Academics Early Learning hosts a Graduation Ceremony. We aim to prepare students for their formal education experiences and therefore we simulate the environment as closely as possible. This Graduation Ceremony instills a sense of accomplishment in our students as they move upwards to the next classroom or, in the case of our preKindergarten 3s, to Kindergarten.

How to Enroll

To enroll at an Academics Early Learning school, please inquire at a specific location by contacting them directly or fill out the form on this page. Once you have inquired, you will be invited to tour the facilities and then apply. Applications can be done online on your location’s page.

When your application and application fee have been received, you will be contacted to complete a registration package. Submit these forms along with your security deposit to indicate acceptance of the schedule.

Once your Academics school has received the necessary documents and the deposit, you will attend a parent-teacher meeting. Finally, purchase your child's uniform at Cambridge Uniforms using your school’s specific code. Your Academics school carries sample sizes for your convenience.