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IT Classrooms at Early Learning Academy

Baby and PreKindergarten 1 Classrooms

At Early Learning Academy, we believe that the environment and space the children spend their time in is directly related to learning, behaviour, and mood. We believe that children deserve the same level of thought and comfort in their spaces as adults. Walls and environments are kept light, clean, and simple, without the abundant wall displays and bright colours seen in some daycares and preschools.

Children are born as little scientists, and this is evident in the early learning stages of infants and toddlers. They listen, watch, touch, smell, and taste their surroundings. The Academics Infant and Toddler experience includes an abundance of delightful early learning opportunities for your child to enjoy, observe, and explore this new world safely and comfortably.

Our low teacher-to-infant ratio ensures your child receives nurturing care and personal attention, while our Aggregate Curriculum with prescribed learning outcomes helps children establish foundations for learning including:

  • communication skills, including sign language and vocabulary
  • gross and fine motor skills through pre-writing activities and art
  • early reading skills, including shape and letter recognition
  • social and emotional development, including social interaction through playful exchange, music, dance, and drama