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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is based on the Emergent Curriculum. It is an approach to early childhood education that focuses on the interests and experiences of each child.


Rather than following a predetermined curriculum, teachers observe and respond to what the children are naturally curious about, building on their interests to create learning opportunities.



Prescribed learning outcomes play a key role in tracking and measuring student progress. This ensures that students get much-needed feedback and support while encouraging their continued growth and learning.

Our Curriculum is based on the Emergent Curriculum. It is an approach to early childhood education that focuses on the interests and experiences of each child.


Rather than following a predetermined curriculum, teachers observe and respond to what the children are naturally curious about, building on their interests to create learning opportunities.


  • Emily brought a cricketing a glass jar to school. Her classmates were fascinated. So, the teacher then let the kids draw pictures of the cricket so they would notice the finer details of its body structure.

  • Tim is obsessed with cheetahs because they run so fast. So, his teacher showed him how to use a stopwatch. Soon, all the students were timing how fast they can run.


Redwood Early Childhood Education® separates our curriculum between core courses and secondary courses.


Core courses are the well-established building blocks of all education, and help our children flourish into functional members of society that can direct and build the future.


Our core courses are Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. Our secondary courses are Social Studies, Second Language, Music, ToastMasters, and Yoga. These courses enrich a child’s learning experiences and add to the foundation of the core courses.


We aim to build a framework for understanding what numbers mean by creating number sense, using tools like IXL, Number Sense Routines, Math through Art, Workstations, and Beebots. Math will also teach the fundamentals for chess. This helps children develop analytical and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to recognize complex patterns.


Synthetic Phonics is a Reading program with a balanced approach that integrates reading, writing, spelling, and phonemic awareness in conjunction with relevant language activities.


We teach using Handwriting Without Tears (HWT), an established approach that addresses different learning styles with developmentally appropriate lessons that break down difficult concepts into simple tasks.


Our Science program implements STEM Education, which incorporates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics knowledge in the play experiences of children. Science will also include coverage of Food Sciences and Nutrition, taught by our Chef.

Second Language

The second language is taught through story, music, rhymes, finger plays, movement, and sensory experiences. Children are given tangible experiences that help them link new words to actual experiences.


Our Orff-inspired program is designed to introduce our children to instruments, melody, rhythm, and pitch while learning music through ear (hearing).

Toast Masters

The goal of our program is to provide the children with opportunities to practice their public speaking skills, establish polite and socially acceptable etiquette, and understand the importance of being a member of a community that respects the opinions and ideas of others.


A play-based approach to Yoga at Redwood encourages children to take calculated risks while engaging the body and mind. The class will include yoga postures and stories, breathing exercises, and meditation.

Our Exclusive Time Table

06:30 AM    Facility Opens  
07:00 AM    Open Learning Commences

08:00 AM    Play-based Exercise & Fitness 

08:30 AM    Developmental Writing Practice

09:00 AM    Gourmet Breakfast Service

09:15 AM    Morning Briefing & Updates

09:30 AM    Display of Morning Agenda

10:00 AM    Toastmasters Speaking & French Language

10:15 AM    Reading & Mathematical Skills Routine

10:45 AM    Outdoor Exploration & Play

12:00 PM    Gourmet Lunch Service

12:30 PM    Guided Rest & Recovery Time

01:00 PM    Mandatory Artistic Skill Development

02:30 PM    General Science & Social Studies

03:00 PM    Gourmet Snack Service

03:30 PM    Group Reading & Literacy Time

04:00 PM    Music & Symphony Service

04:30 PM    Outdoor Exploration & Play

05:00 PM    Group Reading & Literacy Time

05:30 PM    Facility Closes

Disclaimer: For safety reasons, this is just a sample schedule.

  • What is your Curriculum?
    Our Curriculum is based on the Emergent Curriculum. It is an approach to early childhood education that focuses on the interests and experiences of each child. Rather than following a predetermined curriculum, teachers observe and respond to what the children are naturally curious about, building on their interests to create learning opportunities. Visit our 'Learning' page for more information.
  • Do you require Uniforms?
    Yes! At Redwood Early Childhood Education®, we strongly believe that school uniforms are key to ensure immediate identification that are highly vital for Security and Safety reasons. But it doesn't end with this. Here are also proven reasons why uniforms are important: - Less Bullying and Reduces Mental / Emotional Strain. - Provides Unity Despite Diversity & Cultural Differences. - Promotes Discipline and Utmost Focus. - Peace of Mind against Unintended Influences. - Calmer & Stress-Free Mornings. - Actually a Financially Sensible Choice. Read more about this at:
  • How to Book a Free Tour and What's the Tour Times?
    We understand that choosing the right daycare is a big decision, which is why we offer free tours so that you can see our facilities and meet our team before making a commitment. To book a free tour at our daycare simply register using our application link and we'll send you the Booking Link once it's a fit! Our Tour Times are as of follows: Mondays 09:00-10:00AM (PST) 12:00-01:00PM (PST) 04:00-05:00PM (PST) Fridays 09:00-10:00AM (PST) 12:00-01:00PM (PST) 04:00-05:00PM (PST)
  • Is Food Included? Is it also included in the Tuition?
    Yes! You don't have to worry about cooking your little ones meal, we have professional Chefs on site to make sure your child is served and given Fresh Meals daily! – And yes, the meals are already covered in the tuition!
  • Are your Teachers and Staff qualified?
    Certainly! At Redwood Early Childhood Education®, the safety and well-being of every child is our top priority. To ensure this, all of our teachers are not only highly qualified professionals but also hold current First Aid Certifications and have passed rigorous Criminal Record Checks. You can rest assured that your child is in the best hands with our team at Redwood! For more info on our teachers, please visit the Teacher's Deck located at every Reception of the Facility.
  • What are some of your Features or Amenities?
    We are pleased to offer a variety of features and amenities to enhance your child's experience at Redwood Early Childhood Education®. These include: Two playgrounds for outdoor play and exploration A gross motor room (utilized for poor weather conditions) Regular updates and communication through our partner App Secured live CCTV access to ensure the safety of all children. Spacious learning classrooms for optimal learning and exploration An open door policy, allowing parents to drop in and participate in their child's learning experience. ECE teachers supervise all classrooms to ensure quality education Qualified infant-toddler teachers in each room to provide specialized care and attention Proud participants of the CCFRI program, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in early childhood education. A Lounge / Meeting Area for Parents and/or Teachers
  • What's the Enrollment Process like?
    Curious about how to enroll your child at Redwood Early Childhood Education®? Here's a simple guide: STEP 1 : Registration Register your child today and kickstart their journey with us! No registration or inquiry fees required. In the unlikely event that we can't accommodate your specific program or location preferences, feel free to reach out to us for assistance. To Apply: STEP 2: Book a Free Tour Once you've completed the registration process and we determine that our program aligns with your needs, we invite you to book a free tour of our extraordinary facility. You will be given a booking link in which you can choose from our tour times available! STEP 3: Finalize Enrollment After the tour, and you love it. We will shortlist your application and you will be required to sign and upload a few documents, as well as pay the necessary fees. If immediate availability is not possible, don't worry! We will add you to our waitlist and keep you informed about the next steps. If immediate availability is not possible, don't worry! We can add you to our waitlist.
  • What times are you Open?
    To accommodate the busy schedules of working parents, Redwood Early Childhood Education® operates from 6:30 AM to 5:30 PM (PST), Monday through Friday. As we strive to continuously improve our services, we are excited to announce that we are currently exploring the possibility of extending our hours to include weekends. Stay tuned for updates!
  • Where are you Located?
    Our main location is in Abbotsford, BC and we are eagerly anticipating expanding our presence across the beautiful province of British Columbia. MAIN LOCATION: 1785 Clearbrook Rd #107, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 5X5 CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE: 876 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC, V5V 3C3
  • How much is your tuition fees?
    We understand that every family's situation is unique, and we strive to accommodate individual needs. Our tuition fees can vary based on factors such as eligibility for subsidies. In fact, some families may even qualify for subsidies that make our services 100% free. We encourage you to Apply first so we can discuss your specific circumstances and provide you with accurate information about pricing options. Our team is here to assist you and ensure that quality care is accessible to all. For a detailed breakdown of Fees | Email For more information on Subsidies | Visit To Apply | Visit
  • Is there a Waitlist Fee?
    To maintain an accurate and up-to-date waitlist, we require a non-refundable waitlist fee of $100 CAD for families who wish to secure a spot for their child at our daycare should our slots be full. Non-Refundable but is deductible and will automatically be applied towards the Application Fees upon Enrollment. This fee not only helps us manage demand but also allows us to prioritize families who are committed to our day care and philosophy!
  • How does it work?
    Cameras are installed throughout the school in classrooms, playgrounds, and some common areas. The video is streamed live over the internet and parents have secure, individual usernames and passwords that give them video access to the areas where their children learn and play. They watch video from their desktop computers, or use the WatchMeGrow™ app from their phone or tablet.
  • Can anyone log in to see a classroom?
    No. You must be the approved parent of a currently enrolled child to use the system. To get access, parents of enrolled children sign up for WatchMeGrow™. Administrators at the childcare center approve them before they can have access. If there are out-of-town grandparents or deployed parents who wish to use it, parents can set up additional access for them as sub-users on their accounts. Only families of children in a classroom have access to view that classroom. It is at the center’s discretion which areas users can view, such as the child’s classroom, common areas, and playgrounds
  • Why have you chosen to use WatchMeGrow™ Streaming Video?
    We are extending our open-door policy beyond the walls of our building. We want parents of children in our care to be confident knowing that their child’s safety, well-being, and education is our top priority. WatchMeGrow™ allows parents and grandparents to stay connected to their children while they’re here, and to rest assured knowing that they’ve placed their children in the best care possible.
  • How do families sign up?
    Parents of currently enrolled children can go to to get started. More information is available at
  • Can't find your question?
    For WatchMeGrow™ Technical Support: 1-800-483-5597 Open Monday through Friday: 6 am - 5 pm (Pacific) 8 am - 7 pm (Central) 9 am - 8 pm (Eastern)
  • Is it safe?
    Yes. All data is encrypted. To watch streaming video through WatchMeGrow™, you must be approved by your childcare center. WatchMeGrow™ is the only streaming video service for childcare that provides this level of security.
  • Why would parents want to use streaming video to watch their child?
    Answers vary for every individual. Many parents like the comfort of knowing they can see the fun their child is having in their classroom during the day. Some parents set up accounts for out-of-town grandparents to stay connected to little ones in our care. Parents who are deployed as active-duty military for long durations rely on streaming video to follow what their children are doing while away. Others find it helpful to check in on their child during their first day in our care or simply use it to check in when their child is having an “off” day.
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