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Hello Parents! 👋🏼

Thank you for considering our daycare for your child's care. We look forward to welcoming you and your family to our community! For an in-depth overview of our day care, download our Parent Manual below. 

*Confidential File, distribution not legal. Ask admin for password. 

Parent Portal

We understand that as a Parent, you may have many questions and concerns about leaving your child in our care. That's why we've created this page to provide you with all the information you need to feel confident and informed about your decision.


On this page, you will find a detailed overview of our daycare. You'll also find helpful resources and tips for preparing your child for their first day of daycare, including how to pack their bags and what to expect during drop-off and pick-up.


Thank you for considering our daycare for your child's care. We look forward to enjoyable memories with you and your child! For questions email us at

How to Order Uniforms?

For security reasons, please ask Admissions for the School Code. Create an account at and order directly. Thank you!
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Our Resources

This is a great place to start if you're a new parent. This contains all the information you need to get up to speed quickly. It covers everything from FAQs, to forms, and more!

This secure app is designed to help registered parents like you keep an eye on their children and their growth. With this app, you can feel safe and aware of your child's activities!

We understand that daycare expenses can be overwhelming. Here, you'll find information about government subsidies and assistance programs that can help lighten the financial burden of raising a family.

We value your opinion! Please take the time to fill out this form and express your suggestions on how we can improve, any fun ideas, or simply leave us a review!

Social media is increasingly becoming an important tool for parents. Our Instagram page is the best place to stay up to date with the latest news, parenting tips, and resources.

You are not alone! This section is packed with resources to help parents like you on your parenting journey - from "How to have a Successful Dropoff" and more. It includes articles, videos, and other information to help you become a better parent!

Our Monthly Menu

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